Blonds have a better time? Enjoy life more than others? Maybe, and maybe not but still most of young girl bleach their hair in order to be blond or blonder, at least one time.

Going blond is not like a regular color transformation since you need to bleach all of your hair and then color it blond and get the color you dreamt of – with full hair coverage that won’t leave you looking like a dalmatian dog but with blond spots.

Any woman that colored her hair blond knows that the first few weeks the hair is dryer, the ends are split and it doesn’t really feel like silk or anything close to it like they sell you on the coloring box. But even if your hair looks and feels healthy and shiny after a week or two and the blond looks natural, there are damages for the long run.

Blond hair straightening:

One of the preferred and most popular treatments for ‘I just became blond’ women is straightening their hair to achieve the most natural ‘I was born with blond straight hair’ look. Since hair that has been bleached and colored is weaker, straightening can harm it even more.

Most of the hair straightening treatments that are in the market today are based on covering the hair with different kind of formulas in order to keep it straight. This weakens the hair even more. Also, after these treatments there is a need to blow dry the hair- causing it to be dryer and hay like. Some of the formulas used for straightening stain the hair leaving it with a not so wanted blond shade that sometime last for weeks after the straightening.

So what does one do if she is dreaming of straight blond hair with a natural look?


The advantages of the OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment

In 99 .9 % of the treatments, when using OXO there isn’t any need to blow dry the hair and therefore more damage is prevented. Farther more, the ingredients in the OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment prevents the appearance of an unwanted blond shade ater the straightening.

We also developed the special OXO Blond Edition formula, especially intended for use on bleached hair ,in order to not only prevent further damage but also rehabilitate the hair.

The OXO Blond Edition makes the dream of straight blond natural looking hair – possible!

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