Not long ago, in the mid 70’s of the last century, women used to iron their hair in order to obtain straight hair. The damages can cause.

Throughout the years the methods might have changed but the desire stayed the same- having straight hair.

Blow drying:

At home or at the hair salon, the old method still used today to straighten hair is washing it and then blow drying it using a special brush in order to make is straight. Though common, this technique takes time and experience, leaving the hair in some cases inflated and “puffy”, resulting in a not so natural look. Also, hair stayed straight only until washing it. In the long term, hair became damaged and dry.

Hair straightening devices:

With technology came new devices intended to make our life easier- such as the hair straightener. This enabled many women to straighten their hair alone, though using these devices without enough knowledge might cause irreversible damage to the hair.

Straightening techniques:

Hair designers and hair dressers with experience, knowledge, and professional products, specialize in matching the right treatment for the specific type of hair. The market offers several techniques and different treatments intended for hair straightening, though not all of them are safe and recommended.

Why choose OXO organic treatment?

Before choosing the hair straightening treatment you must choose a well known professional and trust worthy hair dresser in order to avoid potential and irreversible damage to your hair and sculpt.

The OXO organic treatment is one of the newest and most successful hair straightening treatments in the market today. The treatment contains efficient oils and proteins in order to protect the hair, there is no use of harmful substances or dangerous chemicals and it may be applied with no worries at all. The substance rinses out completely leaving the hair with a natural, healthy and shiny look- and most importantly- straight!

The OXO treatment is permanent, liberating you from blow drying and hair straightening regularly, with need only to renew the treatment on roots only.

This treatment is used in professional parlors and hair salons and is highly recommended.

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  1. Hello is this treatment available in the uk? Im in North Hampshire/surrey

    1. Guy Beigel

      Hi Helen,
      Thank you for your interest in OXOrganic!
      Currently, we do not have a salon in the UK, although, we are in contact with several salons who wish to become certified.

      Helen, you are more than welcome to tell your hairdresser about us.
      We provide hairdressers with full training, support & all the information needed for 100% success! 💖

      All they need to do is simply “Register Your Salon” on our website 😊
      On-line Salon Registration>>
      If any more information is needed, don’t hesitate to ask! ❤

      Kind regards,
      OXOrganic Team

    1. Guy Beigel

      Hi Sanny,
      Thank you for caring!
      We always work to improve our web content in order to give more info and value!!

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