The OXO Organic Permanent Smoothing Treatment is an exclusive technique. Unlike any other offered in the market.

  • Our treatment does NOT coat the hair with any aldehydes, chemicals that form into formaldehyde or any kind of coating, as it is 100% shampooed off the hair with hot water before using the flat - iron.
  • The treatment does NOT break the sulfur bonds within the hair as no neutralizing is needed.
We developed our treatment using an organic molecule structure instead of manmade chemicals. Therefore:
  • The smoothing treatment is permanent and does not breakdown or dissolve.
  • No need to dry your hair - just wash and go.
  • Use any shampoo you'de like.
  • You can swim in the ocean or in the pool.
  • Color, highlight or ombre right after the treatment.
  • Nourishes dry hair, restores damaged hair.
  • Can be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Works for all hair types.
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