Getting To Know Oxo

Discover the power of pure organic hair care with OXO – The safe and permanent solution for smoothing curls and restoring damaged hair.

Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals with OXO Organic – The Safe and Innovative Hair Smoothing Treatment for a Natural Look

OXO Organic is the only safe smoothing treatment for hair that provides a natural look. It uses a low pH formula that does not contain harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde and glycolic Acid, Ammonia, or Sulfur, making it safe for all. The product is applied to the hair, 100% shampooed out, and then ironed, eliminating the risk of inhaling vapors or exposing the hair to polluting chemicals during the heating process.

Maintain Your Hair’s Strength and Style with OXO Organic – Color or Highlight Immediately After Treatment.


  • Free of smoke and chemical fumes.
  • OXO is permanent and does not break down or dissolve.
  • The renewal of the treatment is done only on new roots that grow.
  • No need to dry your hair – just wash and go.
  • You can safely & freely swim in the ocean or the pool right after treatment.
  • Can be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  •  Allows color and shades immediately.
  • Works for all hair types!
  • Nourishes dry hair, and restores damaged hair.


Provide your clients with a natural look result by applying the safest technique available and the only straightening product shampooed 100% off the hair before using the flat-iron.


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