OXOrganic Permanent Smoothing Treatment


OXO is comprised of an innovative compound of amino acids, oils and proteins.

Amino acids work to soften the sulfur bonds and enable proteins and natural oils to penetrate. This will soften the sulfur bonds and allow you to redesign the hair as straight at the flat-iron stage.

OXO is the only straightening technique that is shampooed off the hair before using the flat iron. With OXO, you can be confident that there is no danger of inhaling hazardous smoke.

OXO does not straighten hair by itself and does not force the hair to straighten by using aggressive chemical products, as other hair-straightening techniques do. Softening the sulfur bonds allows you, the hair stylist, to reset the hair style as straight without damaging the strand structure or quality.


  • OXO Treatment + OXO Booster Shampoo

  • Bowl + tinting brush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Salon heating device (Climazon, Rollerball, infrared or any lamp that generates just heat and not hot air or steam).
  • Hair dryer
  • Brush
  • 4 alligator clips
  • Professional flat iron (we recommend BaByliss PRO 2091/3000/3100/2094)
  • Clamp comb – helps to maintain the tension that is critical to obtaining perfect results
  • Hair mask




We will distinguish between types of hair:

·        Natural and virginal

·        Dyed/Bleached (dry and/or damaged)

·        Went through chemical processes such as Keratin or Japanese, natural root

·        Ethnic or particularly curly hair

·        No curl

We recommend advising customers scheduling a full straightening treatment to come to the salon with their hair washed (only shampoo, no conditioner) and dried naturally so that you can see their hair in its most natural state.

A customer may arrive with curly roots, puffed mid-section and dry ends. We treat each section of the hair according to it needs, during heating times and when processing with the flat iron.



Hair Type Application Standby Time NOTES
Natural and virginal Apply evenly to all hair 30-45 minutes under heat + 30-45 minutes without heat Total of 60-90 min
Strong curls/coarse hair (Ethnic or particularly curly hair) Apply evenly to all hair 45-60 minutes under heat + 45-60 minutes without heat Total of 90-120 min
Damaged/fragile/brittle hair that is not curly Apply evenly to all hair 30-60 minutes without heat
Bleached/Blonde (dry and/or damaged) Apply evenly to all hair 30-60 minutes without heat
Thin/ puffed hair that is not curly / No curl Apply evenly to all hair 30 minutes under heat + 30 minutes without heat, or 60 minutes without any heat 30 minutes under heat + 30 minutes without heat, or 60 minutes without any heat
Went through chemical processes such as Keratin or Japanese, with natural root 1. Apply OXO only on the roots and heat for 30 to 60 minutes (depending upon the thickness of the strands).
2. Then, apply OXO on the length of the hair and allow it to absorb for another 30-45 minutes without heat.
30-60 minutes under heat (for the root) + 30-45 minutes without heat (for the rest of the hair).

Part a small row of hair (about 5 cm in width) and *hold it at a 90° angle from the scalp.

Using a tinting brush, apply OXO at a distance of about 1 cm from the roots.
Using a rat tail comb, drag the product smoothly into the strands along the length of the hair until the end of the curl, then use the product remaining on the comb to apply on the hair close to the scalp.

*Holding the hair at a 90° angle and using a rat tail comb will enable you to apply the product on the entire length of the hair without touching the scalp.


Don’t let color, bleach or other processes that the hair went, confuse you. Any hair that is curly is strong hair. Even if it has been lightened or highlighted, if the hair is still curly, then the hair is strong, treat it as such.

Important note during application:

The straightening product must not come into contact with the scalp. OXO is not harmful to skin, but nevertheless, it does contain active ingredients and if it comes into contact with the skin, the customer might experience a tingly or itchy sensation. Though, the product does not cause hair loss, following the application instruction precisely, will assist in applying the product along the hair without coming into contact with the scalp, that will protect you in case of a customer that have unknown allergies or sensitive skin.



Wash (yes, wash, not just rinse) the OXO from the hair using OXO Booster Shampoo.
First, rinse all of the treatment material out of the hair using hot water, removing the product completely. Then shampoo twice, until the hair and scalp are completely clean. Next, dry the hair completely (100%) and divide the hair into four sections using alligator clips. This is how we prepare the customer for the next and most important stage – straightening the hair with the flat iron.


For Damaged/Fragile/Brittle/Dyed/Bleached/Blonde hair: apply hair mask after shampooing, wait for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly, prior to the flat iron.



This is the stage that permanently straightens the hair, and it is the very hart of the treatment.
The outcome depends on the hair stylist’s precision work with the flat iron. Check out our Instructional Zone at oxoorganic.com where you can find videos, articles and important tips.

1.       Divide the hair to 4 even sections.

2.       Part the hair in a thin straight row (about 5 cm in width), grasp it at a 90° angle with the clamp comb and pull until there is tension.

3.       Place the flat iron as close to the scalp as possible without touching it.

4.       Iron in a 5 cm segments, back and forth with a closed iron at all time, for about 30 seconds until achieving maximum shine and full closure of the cortex. We call this iron movement “cooking” and not “milking” of the hair.

5.       Repeat section 4 throughout the length, maintaining tension with the clamp comb and process slowly, slide the closed iron up and down the section until achieving maximum shine and full closure of the cortex.

6.       Regarding edges: if edges are curly, iron well. However, if edges are damaged, we iron it lightly only about 4-7 times, until the cuticle is closed and we obtain the desired nutrient shine.

Flat Iron Working Temperature:

         As a principle, we will work with max high temperature. In BaByliss 2091/2094= 450°F.
in 3000/3100= 465°F

         In case of badly damaged hair, without curl, we will lower the temperature by 1-2 levels, depending on hair condition. In any case, we do not drop the temperature below 220°F.


For Damaged/Fragile/Brittle/Dyed/Bleached/Blonde hair: start by ironing for 15 seconds, if you achieved shine and close cortex, STOP. If not, continue for another 15 seconds, or until you achieved shine and close cortex. In any case, you need to be gentler when ironing these hair types. 


Be sure to maintain tight tension and keep the flat iron closed the entire time.
Emphases when processing each row to ensure perfect results:

Don’t yank hard on the customer’s hair with the clamp comb. Simply grasp the row of hair, it will make it easy to insert the row into the flat iron.

Do not squeeze the iron on the hair, simply closing the iron on the hair without pressure will allow smooth movement up and down the row.

Accurate hair processing:
Closed iron + Work in sections + Clamp comb tension

Ironing each section separately with a constantly closed iron enables you to maintain the heat that is so important for straightening the hair. Work slowly and allow the heat to penetrate the hair. Be sure to insert the row into the iron while it is pulled tight and neatly combed at all times. If the row is loose or tangled, stop and re-comb the hair. If there is no tension and the hair “dances” in the iron, the hair will not straighten. Be sure to work in thin combed rows.


How do you know when the section is ironed enough? Look for that maximum shine. When we start working on the hair, we use the first row as a test row. We complete five seconds of ironing and check the shine that the hair obtained. We repeat ironing that section until the maximum shine is obtained at the root, along the length of the ends. In this way, we learn the specific customer’s hair and can then proceed in this fashion over the entire head.



Rinse the hair and apply the hair mask. Allow it to absorb for a minimum of 5 minutes.
This step is compulsory – do not skip this step!


Then we rinse and finger dry the hair. The customer will leave your salon with an after wash result and will see the real result. The customer can tie up, wash or do anything else with her hair from this moment on.



Corrections are usually needed when the hair stylist performed inadequately during the ironing stage and/or failed to maintain tension and/or keep the strands neatly combed with the clamp comb.
Any type of hair-straightening treatment might require such corrections, however, unlike the more aggressive chemical treatments, which pose concerns about seriously damaging the hair during the corrections, OXO is safe and poses no risk of damaging the hair. It is far more preferable that the customer gets the desired results with one session of corrections, rather than undergoing a chemical process later.

You can perform corrections while the customer is still in your salon. Once you complete the treatment, and after rinsing off the mask and finger drying the hair, check to make sure that the straightening treatment was a perfect success or whether you missed a curl or a puffy section. If you did, use the flat iron to process out that section again.

If you did not spot the error in time and a correction is needed on another day, you need to reapply OXO and perform the treatment as usual (only to the sections which need correction, of course)
Reapplying OXO for the purpose of performing a correction poses no danger. However, it is not recommended to straighten the hair more than 3 times in one year.

Important: keep in mind that the sulfur bonds are 50% less soften than initially, as a result of the rinsing and the mask that you applied. Therefore, it is important to perform the corrections in neat, thin, combed rows, according to step 5, section 4.
If you did not spot the error in time and a correction is needed on another day, you need to reapply OXO and perform the treatment as usual (only to the sections which need correction, of course)
Reapplying OXO for the purpose of performing a correction poses no danger. However, it is not recommended to straighten the hair more than 3 times in one year

Once the ironing work is completed, you can:

ü  Dye the hair

ü  Bleach the hair – natural hair only*

These treatments may be performed immediately after the straightening without any waiting time at all. If the hair stylist or the customer are concerned, we recommend doing a test row before deciding to proceed.

Don’t dye hair before the treatment. Dyeing is possible immediately afterwards. During the treatment, the hair color lightens slightly, up to 2 tones. Dyeing, highlighting and ombre hair coloring are possible immediately after straightening with OXO. However, if the hair was damaged prior to straightening, it is preferable to wait a few days before coloring.
OXO does not break, dry out or damage the hair or scalp and does not cause hair loss.

Dyed hair – since OXO does not coat the hair, but rather penetrates the strands, dyed hair might lighten, even by two tones, during the process with the flat iron. If desired, you can dye the hair immediately after straightening without waiting, using any brand of regular tube color. Gel dye is not recommended.

White hair – when ironing the hair, white hair might take on a yellow hue due to the reaction between the amino acids and the heat of the iron. White hair will straighten completely, but it might take quite a while before the yellowing fades.

Lightened blonde hair – a change in hue is possible during use of the flat iron, but it will fade after each shampoo and will completely disappear within about two weeks. Silver shampoo will not lighten as a result of this treatment.


ü  You can swim in the ocean or in a pool.

ü  You can use any shampoo.

ü  You no longer need to fan dry your hair – just wash, brush and go.

ü  You can color, highlight or ombre immediately.

ü  You can style your hair using a curling iron.

ü  The next time you wash your hair, it will go back to being straight.

ü  OXO is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Natural result – Natural lifestyle


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