OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment is a in-hair process and is a 100% rinsed off the hair before using the flat iron. Therefore, does not release dangerous smoke. The treatment does NOT coat the hair with any aldehydes or chemicals that form into formaldehyde as it is PERMANENT and it will not break down or devolves no matter what shampoo you use, how often you work-out or swim at the pool. Hair will be completely straightened and nutrients.

Please find ingredients list and more information about OXORGANIC PERMANENT SMOOTHING TREATMENT at
please “Register your Salon” on our website oxoorganic.com
Once your salon information is approved, you will be able to log in to your OXO Certified Member Account, to view the prices, purchase the OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment and review additional information.
After purchasing, you will also receive exclusive access to our instructional zone.
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The OXO Organic Keratin ingredient is lab synthesized, Not animal or animal byproduct.

After treated with the OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment, hair can be designed with or even without hot tools.
You can designe your hair with a curling iron, dough braiding your hair will leave it wavy until the next wash.
The treatment improves the results of other hair straightening techniques, nourishes and helps it rebuild.

We provide several information such as the prices of the products to certified salons only since we do not want the salon client to to the calculation for the hairdresser. Since the OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment have no chemicals that force the hair to be smoothed, but it’s only enables, the iron process is longer and that is why salons charge relativelyhigher for the treatment. Once you are loged in to your account you will be able to view professional information such as priced.
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Once you purchase the professional smoothing treatment you will get access to the professional instructions on our site, where you can find all the information needed.

You can permanently smooth ALL types of the hair using the OXOrganic smoothing only. In cases of thick hair/ strong curls the booster will aid in getting to the wanted result with less Iron work needed.

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