Discovering you are pregnant comes with morning sicknesses and a long list of ‘what not to do and what to avoid when pregnant’. Since you now have to look after your soon to be born baby as well as for yourself, there are many things that are less recommended or not recommended at all during these nine months.  One of the best examples is different hair treatments that are less recommended during pregnancy and also after birth during breastfeeding. These treatments are less recommended due to the fact that the pregnant woman can inhale dangerous fumes of different formulas and ingredients that can harm her health or the baby’s health.

It’s all the hormones fault!

The hormones take over when you’re pregnant, affecting your over all look and also your hair- some may enjoy beautiful shinning hair, and some can suffer from very oily or very dry hair causing much frustration.

Many pregnant women stay away from hair salons and beauty parlors until they give birth, while others don’t want to give up their regular beauty routine.

The damages of hair straightening when pregnant:

As well as other hair treatments, it is also dangerous to straighten your hair when pregnant. The reasons are inhaling dangerous fumes that can harm the woman or baby, and also different kinds of ingredients that stay on the hair before and during the straightening treatment that are harmful.

The OXO organic treatment is safe to use when pregnant and also when breastfeeding without any worry. The reason is that the formula is completely rinsed out from the hair before applying the straightener. Another reason is that the main ingredient in this treatment is Amino acid that isn’t harmful if inhaled.

So when pregnant or breastfeeding you do not have to pull your hair up or wait for the baby to grow in order to treat your hair with a straightening treatment. The OXO hair straightening treatment is safe for use, allowing you to look (and feel!) your best during these hard enough nine months without fear.

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