The Recommended consumer price – is up to $ 600 per treatment depending on the amount of hair (length, thickness and density) and its condition. The price for renewal of the roots is up $ 250.

You can permanently smooth ALL types of the hair using the OXOrganic smoothing only. In cases of thick hair/ strong curls the booster will aid in getting to the wanted result with less Iron work needed.

Since some types of hair do not require the use of the booster the amount will suffice. In most cases we apply the OXO smoothing treatment with the Booster on specific areas of the hair. And on some areas we use the smoothing treatment by itself.

While other treatments in the markets offer inhaling of dangerous steams or a strong scent of sulfur, the OXO Organic treatment does not have any of the the above. After the treatment clients may notice a smell when washing their hair therefore, we highly recommend shampooing the hair every day for a short period of

We always work on the same temperature – 230 CL or 400 Fernhairt. When treating fragile, damaged or elastic hair we need to take cautious precautions, we do a test line on the back of the head starting with a lower temperature 190cl or 300 fh and raise it as much as needed according to

DIAGNOSE FIRST! Diagnosis of the hair is essential in order to prepare the bowel correctly.
APPLY the OXO and Booster all the way down to the curl then take the comb out in a straight line 90 degrees.
DO NOT PROCESS parts of hair which have not been applied with material
AVOID THE MATERIAL FROM TOUCHING THE SCALP simply by picking up each spreading line in a 90 Degree angle from the scalp
Keep the hair tight and organized during processing time. USE A CLIP COMB for best result
Process a thin line each time to reach the desired result faster.
DONT OVER SET UP the material on the hair while spredding. Treat each part of the hair as needed, then move on to the next line.
NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE between blown-up hair types. It might be zigzagged and defective or tired leftover curl.
Use a scale to mix the bowl! Keep notes of each client and know how to treat them every time they come 🙂
In order to provide the best rehabilitation while straightening tired hair, APPLY OXO Hair Treatment or OXO Blonde Edition for 30 min then rinse 100%. NO HEAT IS NEEDED
HAIRDRESSER TIME IS WARTH MONEY! Processing the hair takes time - make sure you get paid as deserved. Recommended retail price $450-$600 for entire hair | $250 for root renewal.
REMEMBER THAT THE BOOSTER is only there to assist you reach the desired result with fewer flat iron processing. Thin hair will react faster to the flat iron - Apply OXO alone for 60min.
Always process on the BabylissPro highest degree 420f|230c Only lower the iron temperature when hair is extremely fragile, one beet, process a piece of hair and view if a bit processing will provide the shine desired.
IMPROVE RESULTS OF JAPANESE TREATED HAIR by slowly processing in a milking motion.
Process slower -Get results faster.
LET YOUR CLIENT KNOW>> there are corrections in any smoothing technique. OXO ORGANIC IS SAFE to re-apply on the same part of hair up to 3 times a year.
White hair needs to be colored after the treatment at all times. LET YOUR CLIENT KNOW
LEAVE NO CURL BEHIND<< All curls should be under heat, collect the hair loosely.
When all the client's hair is curled all the way up to the ends >> blow dry straight the hair to save material.
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