Japanese straightening might straighten the hair on the outside leaving the hair healthy at first sight but it is only concealing what is happening underneath.

Using aggressive products such as ammonia and sulfur, the Japanese straightening treatment disassembles the hair. At the end of the treatment there is a need for a neutilizing substance in order to keep the hair from being torn and completely ripped.

After the chemicals have done 90% of the work, the hair designer only straightens the edges and makes you promise that you will not pull your hair up, tie it and try not to move too much during the night in order to protect your now very weak hair.

The damages caused by Japanese hair straightening:

  • Torn and ripped hair
  • Etching and burning that can even cause baldness (the acidity level in these treatments is usually 8PH-16PH)

Hair that has gone through Japanese hair straightening is lifeless, that cannot be trimmed properly or formed into a hairdo. In some cases it isn’t possible to treat the hair before blow-drying it in order to straighten it.

Is it possible to help hair that has gone through this kind of treatment?

The OXO organic treatment isn’t magic and it won’t be possible to bring the hair back to life and re gain the natural volume and look. But, due to the amino acids, oils, keratin and wheat proteins it is possible to treat the hair.

  • Nourishing the dry parts
  • Softening the sulfur hair connections that have been torn and broken
  • Feeding the hair with sufficient oils
  • Rehabilitating and rebuilding the hair

Fortunately, the hair isn’t damaged throughout the straitening treatment, leaving the hair structure, only changing the shape of the hair. After the OXO organic treatment the hair will maintain its natural volume, making it possible to easily wash, brush, wash and even braid!

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