First of all, a very important clarification:

Hair shedding is a situation in which the hair sheds nonstop. Since the shedding starts from the scalp- hair straightening cannot cause or worsen shedding.

What are the reasons for shedding?

  1. Lack of vitamins and minerals such as- iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin K, A, B, H
  2. Excess vitamins C, A and derivatives of vitamin B
  3. Extra cholesterol
  4. Oily scalp, caused by DHT hormone that is in charge of shedding.
  5. Gathering the hair tightly might enhance shedding

Different hair conditions:

Most clients that have gone through hair straightening treatments confuse shedding with other hair conditions.

Torn hair– After chemical straightening treatments, the hair becomes weak and while washing or brushing the hair the client might notice more hair that had fallen out. This is not shedding- these are weak hairs that have been torn.

Normal hair– the average person sheds around 80-100 hairs per day. There is no reason for panic- the hair will re grow. After using the OXO treatment, your hair will be straighter, healthier and smoother- causing the hair that has been left on the scalp to detach- this isn’t shedding- this is a normal situation.

Oily scalp:

In some cases, after a straightening treatment the scalp becomes oily. This situation is normal and the reason is that the hair and the scalp are customizing to the new situation. The scalp produces extra oil in order to feed the hair, but too much oil can cause dandruff and shedding.

How to treat your hair after the OXO organic straightening treatment:

With OXO organic straightening treatment there is no need for special products and you may keep treating your hair as used to previous to the treatment.

  • Adjust your shampoo to your hair type and also to the needs of your scalp. For oily sculpt it is recommended to use citrus based or fresh mint based products.
  • Avoid using products that contain a large amount of chemicals or that have been tested on animals.
  • Use conditioner and hair masks that do not contain silicone and salts, and are rich with oils and proteins.
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