OXO Organic specialize in providing the most healthy and beneficial hair solutions.

Our permanent hair smoothing products are composed of the latest and most advanced formulas designed to straighten curly hair, remove frizz, reduce volume up to 100%, and restore damaged hair.

Discover a new way to smooth hair permanently

OXO smoothing treatments are 100% washable and are Shampooed off the hair completely before using the flat iron. Therefore, the treatment does not cover the hair with any kind of coating and prevents inhalation of dangerous substances.

  • Swim in the ocean or pool
  • Use any shampoo you like
  • Tie and wash your hair right after treatment
  • Just wash and go – No need to blow dry
  • Color, highlight or ombre right after the treatment
  • Can be used during  pregnancy and breastfeeding women
  • Style with or without heat activated tools

OXO try me kit - $169

Get the complete OXO try me kit and start straightening hair confidently at your salon.

Provide your clients with  a natural look result by applying the safest technique available and the only straightening product shampooed 100% off the hair before using the flat-iron. The OXO Blond Edition rejuvenates and protects blonde & bleached hair while straightening and smoothing it.

Professional Smoothing Treatment

Professional Smoothing Treatment

Before & After

Before & After



The story behind OXO Organic – evolution of the Organic Smoothing Treatment

Working as professional hairdressers we encountered the hazards of performing smoothing and Japanese hair straightening treatments to our clients on a day to day basis; the smoke irritating the eyes and mouth, breathing in the chemical fumes and coughing constantly. We kept going even when we could no longer breathe, we continued to work because we had to be professional. Until we discovered one of our workers was wounded with permanent damage on his cornea, we could not longer take it. We closed the salon and went to look for something that would allow us to work without jeopardizing our health and the health of our customers. It took quite some time, and we had to think outside the box.Over the course of a year we tried and tested, strengthened, improved and maximized a new formula. What we discovered stunned us completely! Using the active ingredient within its natural form and not man made chemicals we have found the change we were looking for. A formula that completely improved our salon capacity and the lifestyle of the hairdresser and our customers. The salon began to fill up, and so did the diary.The rumor of an organic healthy smoothing treatment spread and the customers demand for  permanent smoothing treatments increased daily and we were fully booked one month ahead. We decided to share the success with everyone – and you can be a sequel to our story. Like us, you will also be able to give your customers the best treatment and work with complete confidence.


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