Our story

The Journey of Creating OXO ORGANIC:

A Revolution in Hair Straightening


A decade ago, the world of hair straightening was vastly different. Products based on harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, ethylene glycol and gluoxalic acid caused significant physical damage and lead to a variety of health issues such as: arthritis, eye damage, headaches, and chronic breathing difficulties. *In order to prevent these issues the only solution was to stop using products with these substances. Until now, the choice often seemed to be between livelihood and health.The dangers associated with these toxic fumes were largely unknown, which big companies dominating the market conveniently took advantage of.
Hence, there was a lack of incentive and desire to create a product that not only straightened hair perfectly but was also a healthy alternative
– for both hairdressers and customers. Unfortunately, this grim cycle perpetuated. We knew something had to change

Our resolution:

In the face of this challenge, we made a firm decision to stand up and be the catalyst for change. After years of dedicated research and development, we successfully formulated the perfect solution. Our achievement was a substance that could be easily removed from hair by simply washing it with shampoo before using a straightening iron. This breakthrough allowed for hair to be straightened without the release of toxic fumes, while preserving hair health. Additionally, it enabled hair coloring and toning immediately after straightening, eliminating the need for a waiting period.

The Health Revolution:

Our mission was clear: to maintain and enhance hair health without compromising the quality of hair straightening. We proudly introduce OXO ORGANIC – the world’s safest and most effective hair straightening product. This game-changing product is the result of many years of hard work and our relentless pursuit of a revolutionary idea. An idea that would end the hazardous cycle of exposure to toxic fumes. To spare you from the pain and suffering caused by these chemicals, that we’ve become all too familiar with. Now, With OXO, you can experience the pleasure of running your fingers through your perfectly smooth and healthy hair, without compromising your health.

Join us in the journey towards healthier, more beautiful hair with OXO ORGANIC.

We're not just changing the game; we're rewriting the rules for a safer, more beautiful world of hair straightening.

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