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Does the oxo treatment make hair completely straight without using heat, or does it leave curly hair curly but frizz-free? How long does the effect last? What is the typical cost for this service? Is this similar to the Japanese straightening treatment, where hair remains straight even after styling with curls, rollers, or waves, or can it still be styled?


Oxo Organic is a treatment based on amino acids. Using the treatment without applying heat will not be effective at all; the hair will be smoothed by 30% in two weeks and then will return to its natural state before the treatment. In order to achieve the desired shape, work with a hair straightener using a specific technique explained on the salon training page. Correct use of the product and the straightener will create permanent smoothness without damaging the hair texture. After that, The hair remains straight even after styling with curls.

Is it possible to wear some nice curls sometimes and will the hair get as straight as before again after washing?

Yes, it is possible to style the hair immediately after treatment; after washing, the hair will be straight again.

Can I wrap the hair in plastic and aim heat at it during processing?

Hi Rae,

we do not recommend wrapping the hair in plastic because if the application is incorrect, the accumulated heat and moisture could cause burns or allergic reactions. However, if the client has very thick or frizzy hair and requires heat to enhance the solution’s application—while avoiding contact with the scalp—then it is acceptable to wrap the hair in plastic and apply heat.

Can this be used on previously relaxed hair?

Hey Stacy,


It is possible to perform another hair straightening using Oxo Organic or to overlap a previous straightening. It is crucial that the straightener application on already straightened hair be handled professionally. A correct diagnosis is needed to determine how many passes and what temperature should be used with the hair straightener.

If the hair remains wavy, proceed as usual.

How can I get the oxo system in my salon? Can I become a distributor of your system I'm such a big fan?!!!

Hey Stacy 🙂

To begin using the OXO Organic Hair Treatment, you can order your first kit directly from oxoorganic.com. The kit includes a comprehensive online course and ongoing online support to provide you with all the necessary information.

For distribution inquiries, please send an email to distribution@oxoorganic.com with your details to initiate the process.

I’m used to Brazilian blowout. My clients love that it doesn’t take all their curl out. Does this product completely remove curl movement? If it does, is there a way to just use it as a frizz free result?

Hi Yvette,

Yes you can!

Once you successfully adapt Oxo Organic hair straightening to every hair type, you will find no need to continue using keratin treatments . The outcome—whether perfectly smooth or less intense—depends on the straightener’s heat, the number of passes, whether you hold the straightener in place, or make quick passes.

Can I go swimming in salt water or chlorine water after doing the treatment?

Hi jeannie.

yes ,

You can engage in any activity, including swimming in saltwater or chlorinated water, immediately after the treatment without any restrictions .

Where is Oxo manufactured?

Hi patricia,

Oxo products are manufactured in Brazil and  marketed both in the USA and globally.

Will this straightening treatment lighten the hair color if clients hair is color treated? What about if hair color is natural?

Hi , patricia .

Yes, if the hair is dyed, the shade may lighten by 1-3 tones. It’s important to note that with the Oxo Organic hair straightening method, the hair can be repaired and dyed immediately after straightening without any waiting . In natural hair, the color may lighten by half a tone to a tone during straightening but will return to its natural shade after a few hours

Is there a danger of hair breakage if you overlap the product when the client comes back in 4 months for a retouch on the roots?

Hi Patricia,

There is no danger of hair breakage when the OXO solution overlaps a previously smoothed area. Be careful not to overprocess the previously smooth area when using the hair straightener.

What are the ingredients?

Can I use oxo hair straightening during pregnancy?

Hi Danielle,

Yes, it is possible to perform Oxo hair straightening during pregnancy or breastfeeding for two main reasons: First, there are no toxic fumes released while using the flat iron. With Oxo Organic hair straightening, you use a hair straightener on clean hair that has been washed two or three times with a special shampoo. Second, during the application, if the correct technique is used, which is accessible to the Oxo Organic hairdresser, the smoothing agent does not touch the scalp. This ensures that there is no absorption into the bloodstream, as the solution does not make contact with the scalp

I have been doing oxo for quite a while now, but I just had a client who I did the process on but as soon as she washed the first time her hair at the root is frizzy why can this be? The process was done correctly, first time this happens.

Hi Melanie,

I’m glad to hear that you are satisfied and continuing to work with Oxo Organic hair straightening. The only issue I can think of might be using a straightener at too high a temperature on fine hair. This effect usually resolves itself after several days and can also be quickly fixed in the salon by applying the oxo treatment solution to the affected area for 10 minutes,  without the need for useing a hair straightener afterwards.

Is the website the only place I can purchase this product?

Hi Peggy,

You can also purchase at salon centric.


hi, is sunlight the same as using infared light?

Hello Any,

It’s possible to use the hair smoothing treatment without exposing it to sun or infrared. However, if you have very thick and curly hair, it’s better to apply some heat.

How long is the shelf life of the treatment is. How long is the product good for?

The shelf life for our products is 12 months after opening the bottle.
The shelf life for our products is 12 months after opening the bottle.

How much time do I have to wait before I do treatment again? I don't want to damage my hair. I also color my hair. How many times per year can I use OXO treatment?

The treatment can be done once in 4-8 months, depending on the kind of hair you have and when you feel you need to do the roots.
It is not damaging the hair. Apply substance only on the new roots and do it exactly as you did at the first time – but only on the new part.
It is recommended to color after the treatment and not before because the treatment makes the hair a little brighter.

What are the instructions for damaged hair?

Please follow our orders for blond/ bleached/ damaged hair and use silver spray before starting the flat iron work. Also do not use the Babyliss with the titanium plates. In this case use ceramic flat iron and reduce its temperature to 210C degrees

Does OXO treatment contain chemicals?

Hair smoothing treatment must have some chemicals in order to have effect, but we are proud to tell you that our treatment does not contain harsh chemicals such as Formalin, Ammonia, sulfur, etc.
Oxo Organic Hair Smoothing Treatment is much cleaner and much safer than other treatments, for 3 main reasons
First – we apply the substance on the hair while we are holding the hair 90 degrees in order to avoid connection with the scalp
Secondly – the smoothing material is washed off the hair with each type of shampoo several times before ironing
And third – after OXO treatment, the hair remains healthy in natural appearance without damaging the hair texture.
How do we know we didn’t damage the hair during the smoothing process?
We are able to perform right after ironing another chemical procedure such as: hair coloring and/or highlights with a high percentage of colloquial. There is no need to purchase a special shampoo or conditioner and you can use any shampoo that you used before OXO treatment
The straightening work is done on natural, clean and no toxins. The hair remains natural and healthy after OXO Organic hair smoothing treatment and is therefore called “organic”
The list of our ingredients appears at our website – https://www.oxoorganic.com/how-it-works/

What is the small bottle of spray in your Try me kit and when I can use it?

It’s a small sample of OXO Silver Spray. In order to avoid yellowing we spray thoroughly on all the gray/blond hair (after we washed well the substance with shampoo and dried the hair) until it gets purple. Then dry again and start the ironing. It protects the hair from becoming yellow. With that kind of hair you should use ceramic flat iron on 21 C degrees.

What is the process of the treatment?

The directions are as follows: 1. Apply the substance on the hair according to the instructions (no need to shampoo before that). 2 Wait with the substance on the hair according to the instructions. 3. Wash the hair with shampoo twice for 100% cleaning, than dry. 4. Start ironing according to the instructions. 5. Put on hair mask for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash and dry. Tell your clients that they don’t have to dry after washing. It dry’s the same without heat. Please read carefully the instructions and follow it. This is the way to get the best results.

Is the treatment will cause hair fall like other smoothening treatment?

OXO never cause the hair to fall. Our ingredients do not include hard chemical like other treatments.

Do I have to use infrared heat during the treatment process?

Yes, in order to reach the best outcome you have to seat under infrared heat. The heat is rushing the process and helps the substance to penetrate into the hair.
However, if you cannot use heat, you should stay longer with the substance (more 30 minutes-60 minutes)

Two days after we finished doing ironing, our client shampoo her hair and it became curly again. Did I do anything wrong?

Obviously as the hair stayed curly – the treatment did not work. Unfortunately it should be done again from the beginning.
The heat on the hair during ironing is the main cardinal reason for success.
For this kind of hair (healthy and curly) you have to use the titanium flat iron with maximum heat and stay with it for at least 6-7 seconds on each 5 cm without moving fast. If you do not have infrared heat please leave the substance 30-50 minutes more than recommended.

Do I have to use your shampoo in order for it to work? And if so can I buy a big one? I didn’t want to purchase small one. But I’ve done the treatment and the results did not do so well. I want to know what I am doing wrong.

First, we don’t add shampoo to our big package.
(In our small package we add shampoo as a bonus).
You don’t have to use our shampoo because with our treatment you can use any shampoo and any hair mask you want/prefer with or without salts.
Secondly, the main reason for failing with our treatment is the flat iron work. You have to stick to the using instructions and use a titanium flat iron from babyliss pro 2091 or 2094. Split the hair to very small groups and stay 7 seconds with the flat iron on each 5 cm section before you move on to the other section.
If you have delicate (damaged or blond) hair you should use ceramic flat iron and put it on 210 C degrees.

Do OXO have CPNP (European) approval?


Do OXO have FDA (USA) approval?

Yes. OXO is FDA Registered

What is the Infrared heat device that you use during the treatment?

In order to reach the best outcome you have to seat with the substance on your hair under infrared heat. The heat is rushing the process and helps the substance to penetrate in the hair. However, if you can’t use heat, you should stay longer with the substance (between 30 to 60 minutes more than written in our instructions of use.

Is OXO treatment is Vegan?

OXO Organic Permanent Smoothing Treatment has not been tested on animals, by OXO Organic or by a third party.
None of OXO Organic product ingredients have been tested on animals, by OXO Organic or by a third party.
OXO organic is a self-owned company and is not partnered or related to any other company.
OXO Organic does not market any of its products to china or any other country that demands animal testing.
OXO Organic’s line of products are completely vegan and do not contain animal ingredients. Most of OXO Organic ingredients are laboratory synthesized.
VEGAN – OXO Organic hair treatments are 100% rinsed off the hair with shampoo and hot water before using the flat iron. Therefore, preventing inhaling of substances during the smoothing treatment.

I bought an OXO Try me kit, what is the little purple bottle?

This is a sample of the silver spray. We use it on blond/white hair just before ironing in order to prevent hair yellowing

Why after ironing still part of the hair stays curly?

It is very important to use the right flat iron (titanium) and do the ironing process exactly as written in OXO using instructions protocol. This treatment is used by hundreds of hairdressers in the world and the main reason to fail with it is the ironing. Please pay attention to this issue and we promise you that you will get much better results.

Can I purchase OXO treatment and perform it at home by myself?

OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment is available only to professional hair salons and is designed for professional use only
As well, do know that you can tell your hairdresser at home about us and perform the treatment at the comfort of your surroundings, since the OXOrganic Permanent Smoothing Treatment is marketed worldwide and provides hair dressers with training & all the information need

I am a hair stylist and I would like to receive information about OXO.

Please send us your email and we will get back to you with all the details. our email:

Do you have a salon in my neighborhood?

Please check at our website: https://www.oxoorganic.com/find-an-oxo-salon/

The prices at OXO Organic website are for stylists?

The prices at OXO website are only for stylists. Our treatment is for professional use only.

Can we do the treatment without an infrared heater?

We recommend using heat in order to fasten the process. In case you don’t use it, you should sit with the substance twice as much time

Is there a certain shampoo and conditioner to use with OXO treatment?

With OXO treatment you can use any shampoo and any conditioner, with or without salts. OXO also have in the variety products a very good mask that is suitable for this purpose.

How can we protect and rehabilitate damaged hair?

We spray on the hair “OXO Active Oil Complex” and comb the hair. Then we apply the hair smoothing treatment. After the client sits in heat we wash the hair with shampoo, dry and start the ironing. The hair becomes silky and healthier.

I have natural gray hair. Is there anything that can be done to prevent yellowing after smoothing treatment?

In order to avoid yellowing we have the “OXO Silver spray”.
We spray thoroughly on all the gray hair until it gets purple. Dry again and then we start the ironing. It protects your hair from becoming yellow.
Tell it to your hairdresser (he should know that) and ask him to use ceramic flat iron and not Titanium – 21 C degrees.

What can you use instead of the heat lamp for the processing part…

Can you use hot air from the blow dryer?
Wind is not good to the substance. It dries it and neutralizes the effect.
Instead you can use a heater without wind.
In the worst case you just stay with the substance on your hair 30-40 minutes more than the recommended time. The heat speeds up the process and saves time.
Please pay attention to the using instructions.

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