Instructional – hair smoothing treatment


Watch each step of the OXO Organic straightening treatment closely.

Answer the questions to receive an official certification for the OXO Organic straightening process.

Master the Art of Hair Straightening: Professional Stylist Training


Dive into the world of professional salon straightening hair treatments with our comprehensive tutorial. Learn the techniques, tools, and tricks of the trade from our expert team at Oxorganic. Get ready to transform locks and master the art of sleek, straight hair! Contact us directly to kickstart your journey.

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9PH Pre Treatment shampoo

For Step 1, start by using the 9PH Pre Treatment shampoo to wash the hair thoroughly. After washing, ensure the hair is dried completely. Next, divide the hair into four sections to prepare for the subsequent steps in the hair treatment process.

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Applying OXO TREATMENT and Shampoo to Remove the Treatment

Divide hair into 1.5-inch sections and hold each at a 90° angle from the scalp. Apply OXO about 0.5 inch from the roots using a tinting brush, avoiding direct scalp contact. Use a rattail comb to evenly distribute the product through the hair, carefully applying any excess near the scalp without touching it. Ensure no residue is left around the neck and ears; remove any with a damp cloth if necessary.



Waiting time

Determine the hair type to determine the timing for the heating process and use of the flat iron

HAIR TYPE APPLICATION WAITING TIME Natural Apply evenly to the entire hair 60 min Under Heat Thick / Strong and Curly Apply evenly to the entire hair 90 min Under Heat Thin Apply evenly to the entire hair 60 min 30 Min Under Heat 30 Min Without Heat

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Dry hair Completely and Start Flat iron processing

Dry the hair thoroughly before starting. Test the first row by ironing for five seconds and checking for shine. Continue ironing each section (2 inch sections) seperatly until achieving maximum shine from root to end. For curly ends, iron thoroughly; for damaged ends, iron lightly 4-7 times until the cuticle closes and the hair shines. For severely damaged hair, reduce the iron temperature by 1-2 levels.

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The OXO ORGNIC Flat Iron Method

1. Aim for Maximum Shine: Strive for the highest level of shine.
2. Start Testing on the First Row: Begin with the first row as a test.
3. Handle Curly Ends: Straighten curly ends thoroughly.
4. Treat Damaged Ends Lightly: For damaged ends, gently iron 4–7 times to close the cuticle
and achieve desired shine.
5. Handle Damaged, Fragile, Brittle Hair: Work smoothly from top to ends without remaining on hair sections.
6. Overlap Between Sections: Ensure smooth movements from section to section to cover all

Wash & Go

Color or Highlight Hair Right Away: If desired, you can color or highlight the hair immediately after flat ironing. No need to worry!

If not coloring, rinse with water and apply an OXO Organic hair mask for 5–10 minutes. Rinse off the mask and fully dry the hair to see the results. If you observe any remaining waves, you can use the flat iron again, without applying the OXO treatment

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Assess the results for corrections

While the customer is still in your salon repeat the flat iron process if you missed a curl or a puffy section.

If a correction is needed on another day re-apply OXO and perform the treatment (only on the sections which need correction).

Re-applying OXO performing a correction has no danger, however, it is not recommended to straighten the hair more than 3 times in one year

Please be sure to contact our expert team for further questions and guidance directly at:

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We recommend customers:

1. Come to the salon with their hair washed (only shampoo, no conditioner) and dried naturally.

2. Do not color or bleach the hair before the treatment.

3. Determine the hair type to determine the timing for the heating process and use of the flat iron.

If the hair stylist or the customer is concerned, we recommend doing a test row before deciding to proceed.

Hair color lightens up to two times after the treatment.

Any brand of color can be used.

White Hair

Due to the reaction between the amino acids and the heat of the iron, white hair might take on a yellow hue. White hair will straighten completely, but it might take quite a while before the yellowing fades.


PLEASE work according to our white hair instruction guide

Lightened Blonde Hair

A change in hue is possible during use of the flat iron, will fade after each shampoo, completely disappearing within about two weeks.

To avoid the change of hue please apply sliver spray after shampooing anf before using the flat iron.


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